East Lothian

Spectacular scenery, golden beaches, working harbours, award winning attractions, excellent accommodation and outstanding food and drink including great local seafood!!

East Lothian combines the best of Scotland, only minutes from Edinburgh by bus, car or train. With more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in the country East Lothian is a great place to visit, whatever the weather!

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History of East Lothian's Fishing Industry

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History of East Lothian's Fishing Industry

Fishing communities tended to be close knit, and Fishermen generally married within their own community.  Fishing was a family business. In addition to the household chores, the women and children would help to collect bait and bait the lines for the next day’s fishing. Fishwives were a familiar sight along the east coast until the 1950s, selling their fish and shellfish around the streets of Edinburgh and further afield. They wore a very distinctive traditional dress which was practical and also served as a recognisable uniform as they sold their wares. Fishwives wore a striped ‘kilted’ skirt, apron, floral blouse and shawl. Early 20th century photographs often show East Coast fisherlasses gutting and packing herring, their knitting tucked in the waistband of their apron.

Community Food Fund

The East of Scotland Seafood project is a partnership initiative led by local authorities, business leaders and coastal communities. It is supported by the Community Food Fund, which is financed by The Scottish Government and has been created to promote local food and drink, in line with Scotland's National Food and Drink Policy.